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Began: Nov 24, 2021 | Status: Early Research

Content Disconnected UI

Are there benefits to separating UI from content?

Will animating UI elements help guide the user or distract the user?

Should UI ever move unprovoked or should it only be moved as direct feedback to a user's action?


By separating content from UI we will be able to create more dynamic experiences which can adapt to and guide the user based on their actions.

Potential Use Cases

Dynamic elements can serve as guides showing the user how to do something or directing their attention to what the result of their action is. Over time the guides can be disabled and the user will be left with a minimal, clutter-free UI.

Creating UIs with no visible buttons.

Allowing other users in collaborative tools to direct the user's attention to a specific part of the UI.


I created a handful of Svelte components which I will be using to explore the possibilities of this design pattern. This animation is not intended to pitch any kind of use case. It is purely a technical demonstration.

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There are 3 components in my implementation

used for defining a context which scopes IDs and state within itself

used for defining an element that can be moved and animated

used for defining a place a DynamicElement can move to

↑ click

<Dynamic let:set>
	<DynamicElement id="main" initial="1">
		<div style="text-align: center;">
			<br />
			↑ click

<span style="position: relative">
		<DynamicTarget id="1">
			<button on:click={() => set('main', '2')}> dynamic target 1 </button>
		<DynamicTarget id="2">
			<button on:click={() => set('main', '1')}> dynamic target 2 </button>
Research to be continued

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