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Hobby Work


I designed the Cheezbit brand for a group of developers, designers, and myself to work under. We were looking for a unique name that would set us apart from the crowd. While brainstorming we got slightly off-topic and started talking about our favorite programming snacks.

It turned out, many of us thought Cheezits were a fantastic programming snack. This got me thinking, “Cheezit”, “cheez ... it”, “cheez ... bit” “Cheezbit!” They loved it, so over the course of a week, I put together this design.

Golden Ratio Circle Packing

This is a strange programming experiment I made for a digital design class.

Portrait of Jacob Portrait of Jacob made of circles Lamborgini Lamborgini made of circles

Grass Front House

This is a house I 3d modeled in high school which moved the "front yard" onto the house freeing up more space for parking.

grass front house door grass front house front grass front house 2nd floor roof grass front house staircase

QR Code House

Wondered what a house with a QR code on it might look like, so I built this in a day back in high school.

Cheezbit wordmark

A Modern House

It's just that, a modern house I designed and modeled in high school for fun.

Modern House Front Modern House Interior

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