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Designer Developer

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Hi, I'm Jacob

I create elegant programming and visual design systems.

I'm a full-stack web applications engineer based in Los Angeles, California with three years of experience in programming and over a decade of technical experience in hard surface 3d modeling and precision vector graphics. I strive to find simple and elegant solutions to difficult design and programming problems.

I'm interested in work where I can utilize my skills and creativity to build new and innovative products.

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How My Skill Set Evolved

What makes me different?

I'm ornamental

Tired of looking at flamboyant websites with giant buttons, distracting animations, and no sense of continuity? Me too! All of my work, web-related or not, is purposeful and concise. When putting the finishing touches on a project I don't ask myself "what can I add" but rather "what can I take away". I strongly believe in finding the simplest solutions, even if the process of getting there is complex. Take this page. Its layout may seem simple, however, its underlying grid system was carefully thought out to ensure consistency and alignment at any screen size.

I'm a savant

I've learned at least 1 new programming language every single month since I've started to code. Am I good at all of them? No. Do I actively use all of them? No. But that's not why I do it. I learn new languages and new things in general for 2 reasons. The first is to ensure that I am not missing anything. It's very easy for people to dismiss a concept they are not familiar with because they do not understand it. The second is to apply things I learned from other places to my own work. Different people from different industries and sub-industries see things differently. I like to be able to see things from all of their points of view.

I follow trends

My work is not like fashion. It does not come in and out of style. When designing or choosing technologies I don't choose based on what's popular right now nor I do choose based on what the industry standard is. I analyze all my options including both cutting edge and traditional to make an informed decision on what I believe is the best path forward. If I find myself in a situation where I do not think any of the options are suitable, which is quite often, I take the steps needed to build a new solution from the ground up.

I'm afraid of change

Reluctancy to change is arguably one of the largest reasons projects fail. It might be an old company unwilling to change with the times or a brand new company unwilling to diverge from its original goals. I personally have next to no attachment to my work and I frequently will discard large amounts of work if I have discovered a better option. In an ideal world, I'd know the best past forward upfront, however, this is rarely possible. To achieve the agility I need, I enjoy working in sprints where I'll build an entire fully functional prototype in a short period of time, then take what I've learned, and repeat.

Tools I work with


star HTML

star CSS

star JavaScript

star TypeScript

star Svelte

star Solid

star_border ThreeJS

star_border VueJS




star GraphQL

star Rest

star_border Docker

star_border Google Cloud

star_border CloudFlare

star_border NodeJS




star Rust

star_border C

star_border Debian Linux











3D Printing

star_border Simplify3D










Don't worry if a tool you work with isn't on my list, I can pick up most programming languages, software, and other tools within a matter of hours.

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